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I really love Lola Rose by Jacky Wilson! It is an amazing novel- probrably one of her best. Jacky really reveals the shock and the reality of real life and the horror of how mean people can actually be.

When Jayni’s father starts hitting and terribly abusing her mother, Jayni starts to panic. One night, when her dad comes back from the pub all boozed up, she sneaks downstairs to await his actions upon her mother. As he starts hitting her, she rushes unto the scene only to find him beating her.

On that, Jayni and Kenny’s mum decides to do a runner. They must change their names, passports and licences- all identities- just to keep their secret hidden.

My favourite chacacter is definately Jayni because I think we share a similar personality and I love her style. She believes in herself but completely admits to being far from perfect.

I think this book is an absolute brilliance although I would only suggest it to over 10 and 11s because I read it when I was only nine and didnt completely understand every bit of it.

I hope you read this book and enjoy it as much as I did.

By Katie

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Hello, and welcome to the first roundup of events and general great things happening at Wilberfoss Primary School…

We’ve been very busy with displays around school, and we’ve added a new displays section just for the wonderful RE Displays you can see all around the school


RE Displays.

y6 1 y4 22

Year 5 & 6 DisplaysYear 4 Displays.

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Year 3 Displays, Year 2 Displays.

y1 3 fs 10

Year 1 Displays. Foundation Stage Displays.

The school book club has really taken off, with lots of pupils enjoying sharing their love of reading in all forms. The first couple of reviews have gone up at the school blog – both excellent. – Smile by Raina Telgemeier reviewed by Layla, Cathy Cassidy’s Summer’s Dream reviewed by Ella.

smile by raina telegemeier summersdream epc

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Smile by Raina Telgemeier :):) 

smile by raina telegemeier

I love this book I’ve read it several times but never got bored.

 The book is about a girl called Raina, who is in middle school. Raina’s teeth get knocked out when she’s on the way back from a Girl Scout meeting. Over many years she has to go to many dentist appointments during her time at school whilst she discovers new friends.

 It all starts when her friend Kelli says, “Last one to the porch is a rotten egg” and Raina can’t keep her balance so she grips onto Kellie’s hoodie, trips and stumbles, falling very hard on the road, knocking her teeth out and damaging her mouth really badly.

The dentist appointments make Raina less social as she has to go weekly. When Raina goes to the periodontists they don’t ask Raina’s mum for permission and Raina faints.

Her time at school is not easy with her crush on Sean whilst, some of her friends are bulling her.

My favourite part is when Raina’s tooth gets knocked out because I feel that’s when the story starts. I find it amusing when her friends pull her skirt down in the outdoor café. I like the way the book uses yellow pages to show that Raina’s remembering how she lost one of her baby teeth when she was much younger.

I don’t like it when nothing’s actually happening because it can be a bit boring but I couldn’t think of a better personality for all of the characters. :):):):) 

And I love all the pictures. 

 I love the way that Raina’s used her home town and all her experiences as inspiration for the book.

 I CANNOT wait for Raina’s new book!

  By Layla

SmileInteriors-11 (1) SmileInteriors-12 (1) SmileInteriors-13 (1) SmileInteriors-14 (1)



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summersdream epc

I like this book because Summer is so drawn to ballet, she practises really hard and when she dances it describes  how she loses herself in the dance. In the holidays she blots out friends, fun and most importantly food, because she feels the need to practice ballet morning, noon and night and to lose weight. I love books with a sense of tragedy in them and this certainly is sad enough.

I do not like the part where I feel like saying- “How can Summer not see what danger she’s in? She is anorexic and she is the only person that does not know that”.
Summer sees herself every time when she looks into the mirror, a small, extremely skinny girl. But when she spots her reflection again it changes into a big, bloated whale, in terrible need of losing weight. Summer gets out of control with nutrition levels, but it ends with a fairly happy ending.

Please read this book and see if you like it just as much as me!

By Ella.


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