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Our class has made our very own robots.

This is my robot that I called Petr Cech

Joshua robot

The new BBB-8 Petr Cech robot is a robot that can play fun family games. It is exciting because it plays football although it is better at defence than attack.

You will find a red circle for the ear at the side, click that and BBB-8 Petr Cech robot will turn on.

The BBB-8 Petr Cech robot is made of metal, it is so hard you can’t break it. It can be friends, ask it to play football – he is unbelievable at football.

Bbb-8 Petr Cech robot will change your entire life so race for it now. It is only 500 pounds buy it now at the shop!

By Joshua.

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Jonas 27

The new Jonas27. It can score, it can save, and it can even celebrate! When your friends are all unavailable you can still play football.

The new Jonas27 has an automatic sensor to turn it off. To get it to do things just ask him. It can carry your football kit for you because his arms are really strong.

Jonas27 loves children and football. It makes footballs, if you put something in its head. It has a flap where the football comes out. This robot plays in all positions.

Every home needs one so pick up the phone and buy the Jonas27 Kids will love him. So make sure you aren’t the one who misses out on it. You wont even know the kids are there they’ll be so busy playing.

By James.

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