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I absolutly love cheesestrings although once (actually twice) I opened my cheesestring and it had green mould on it!!

And now there’s those new spaghettii  type-things and my mum thinks they cost way too much, but I still love ’em…


By Holly

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Some of the pupil from year 6 have been chosen to take part in a gifted and talented PE lesson at Woldgate Collage, they take part in these session once every month for three months. The pupils get a chance to mix in with other pupils from different schools wich gives them a chance to make new friends.

The children have learnt lots of different skills they can use in PE lessons taking part in this school. The type of skills they have been learning are dribbling with a basketball, passing, shooting into a hoop and lots more fun and basic skills.

The pupils that have taken part in these PE sessions are Caitlin, Jess, Nathan and Evelyn. They are all looking forward to take part in the next session!

By Caitlin.

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Year 6 pupils Caitlin, Jess and Gracie took part in the Humberside Police Lifestyle Challenge with some year 7 ex-Wilberfoss girls; Meghan and Emily.

The girls got together to create a bee garden at the local Sports and Social Club. It can also be used as a sitting area as the garden has a bench in it. They worked really hard and it was a great success.


The reason the girls decided to make a bee garden was because they heard that bees were dying out. So they decided to take drastic action to the problem. Within just twenty minutes of planting the flowers, the first bee landed. YAY!

MN08 bee 105_0516

The girls got a letter saying that they had got into the finals of the Lifestyle Challenge project. They were so excited and couldn’t wait to find out what they had won. They went on Tuesday 9th November to the Hull City Hall.  They were very excited.

The girls won a day trip to Alton Towers theme park and are off on the 22nd of May thay are so happy and grateful for there prize as they put A LOT of hard work into it! :)

For more information about bees and the decline in bee numbers please visit these sites:

British Beekeping Association.
Beekeeping and Children (US site).
5 Ways Kids Can Save Our Bees.
RHS: Decline In Bee Numbers.
Make a bee home.
Make your garden bee friendly.

By Caitlin, Jess and Gracie.

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Miss Dearing teaches a Yoga after school club, with a program called ‘The Yoga Factory‘. She managed to get a photographer to come in and  take pictures of us  for the Eastriding newspaper (Thomas,  Holly, Jess, Caitlin, Holly, Eloise and Jessica):



Yoga Club happens on a Thursday night 3:15~4:00. A CD plays with a woman telling us alsorts of different moves, which are on a sheet we use to check our moves.
I talked to some of the pupils that paticipate in this event (names above) ;

Caitlin says:

“It makes me feel really relaxed and I feel streched in a lovely way”

Jess says:

“I love yoga. It makes you feel really relaxed and takes away any stress. The music we do it to definatly helps you get into the mood of it. :) “

I say:

“It really relaxes your body and you feel really good afterwards and somtimes in the middle you feel dizzy and calm.”

By Holly

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