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Spider Moon - Cover

Following Mia’s great review of The Spider Moon (here on the blog), there have been a load of responses and comments – all saying what a great job she did.

But here’s a very important response – from the author of the book herself; Kate Brown:

“Dear Mia, thank you very much for your review of The Spider Moon! I’m very flattered you chose to review it, and very happy you liked it too! I’m very excited to see more and more comics in schools, and more and more children enjoying comics too.

I hope you continue to enjoy comics as you grow up, Mia!

Thank you once again, Kate.”

This is the great thing about having the library, and having the pupils so excited about their reading. It translates into a love of reading that will see them into adulthood, and also encourages them to become better writers. And in this modern world, they’re more and more aware that it’s not just the teachers at school who are paying attention – they’re understanding that they’re writing for a global audience.

If you write about a book or a graphic novel, there’s a good chance that the author will be reading your work as well!

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