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The Dancing Bear

By Michael Murpurgo, illustrated by Christian Birmingham

Review by Harry, Year 5.

The Dancing Bear is a very, very sad book, probably the saddest book I’ve ever read. But it’s also amazing!

In The Dancing Bear there is a very mischievous little girl called Roxanne who goes up into the mountains and finds a little bear cub, who she calls Bruno. The cub is nearly dead when she finds him, and she brings him back to her village, looks after him and makes him well again.

After this, Roxanne and Bruno are best friends, and love each other so much. Roxanne’s grandfather agrees to keep Bruno after the headmaster of a small school suggests they put Bruno’s picture on her grandfather’s honey and call it “Bruno’s honey” to make it sell better.


The  problem is is that a film crew come to the village and need a dancing bear…

I liked the book because it is not just about the little bear cub, it is about its whole life to dancing with a film crew to advertising honey. My favourite bit is where Roxanne and Bruno start to dance together ….. because the picture is so cute but not just cute it is like real partnership between Bruno and Roxanne.

The Dancing Bear is amazing, and once you’ve read it you’ll want to read it again and again and you’d still cry!


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