Mo Bot High – a review by Holly (Year 5)

Mo Bot High

By Neil Cameron


Asha is a girl at Midford High School. She is new and eventually finds out that all the pupils in the school can turn into Mo-Bots….. and so can she!

I liked the book because I like robots and it is really cool!

My favourite character is Asha because she is new and has an exteremely cooooooool red ROBOT!!!!!


I would love to read the second volume, but Mr Bruton says Neill Cameron hasn’t done it yet. But Volume 1 was a great comic, I loved it, it was AMAZING!

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3 Responses to Mo Bot High – a review by Holly (Year 5)

  1. Mr Bruton says:

    Holly – That was a brilliant review. Neill Cameron thought so as well – we had lots of comments on the review over at the FPI Blog, including Neill who said this:

    “Huge thanks to Holly! That is possibly my favourite review of Mo-Bot High that I’ve read, and I am totally going to quote it on the book’s website. Oops, what am I doing here, when I ought to be off drawing book 2!”

    Isn’t that wonderful!

    He’s also used your quote at his website:

    If you liked Mo-Bot High – have you tried Smile yet?

    Mr B

  2. Mr. Cobb says:

    Wow Holly!
    I’ve just read Mr B’ s comment on your review. How amazing is that? I do like the snappy way you wrote it with loads of enthusiasm. I used to love comics at your age but unlike Mr B and unfortunately for me I haven’t read one for ages. You’ve inspired me.
    Mr C.

  3. Mrs McFetridge says:

    Well done Holly-a great review! Bet you can’t wait for the next book to be published.
    Mrs McFetridge

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