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Year 3 and 4 had two very exciting days out at York Barley Hall as part of their History work.
Year 4 Barley Hall 59 Year 4 Barley Hall 30 Year 4 Barley Hall 31  Year 4 Barley Hall 01

From the Barley Hall website:

York Barley Hall is a medieval house, once home to the Priors of Nostell and the Mayor of York. Until the 1980s the house was hidden under the relatively modern facade of a derelict office block. Only when the building was going to be destroyed was the amazing medieval building discovered and its history uncovered.

The oldest parts of Barley Hall date from about 1360, when the Hall was built as the York townhouse of Nostell Priory, the monastery near Wakefield in West Yorkshire. A new wing was added in about 1430. Soon after, the Hall became the home of a leading York citizen, William Snawsell goldsmith, Alderman and Lord Mayor of York.

The house was bought by York Archaeological Trust in January 1987. Later that year, a full archaeological investigation of the interior was carried out through one metre of deposits to the 14th century levels, revealing the remains of the floor of the Great Hall. Further investigations in 1990 to1991 looked at the courtyard and found the remains of the exterior stairway to the Great Chamber on the first floor. Work to restore the Hall to its former glory began in 1990 and it re-opened to the public in 1993.

The building has now been lovingly restored to its original splendour with stunning high ceilings, beautiful exposed timber frames, and possibly the only horn window in England. It has been decorated to replicate what it would have looked like as the Snawsell home around 1483 and boasts a magnificent Great Hall. Visitors to Barley Hall can make themselves at home and sit on the chairs and handle the objects and experience what it would have been like to live in Medieval England.

Year 3 Barley Hall 39 Year 3 Barley Hall 01 Year 3 Barley Hall 02 Year 3 Barley Hall 04      Year 3 Barley Hall 12 Year 3 Barley Hall 13 Year 3 Barley Hall 17           Year 3 Barley Hall 37

Year 4 Barley Hall 14 Year 4 Barley Hall 13 Year 4 Barley Hall 10 Year 4 Barley Hall 09 Year 4 Barley Hall 03 Year 4 Barley Hall 08 Year 4 Barley Hall 22 Year 4 Barley Hall 16 Year 4 Barley Hall 47 Year 4 Barley Hall 51 Year 4 Barley Hall 52

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The Manton Trophy is a crime prevention competition for local schools run by Pocklington and Market Weighton Crime Prevention Panel, with teams competing in various quizes and activities to show their understanding of crime prevention.

After a lot of work and a really enjoyable evening at the event, the team from Wilberfoss were announced as winners!

Congratulations to all involved, and thanks to Mrs McFetridge for organising the team!

Manton Trophy

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“Every 20 minutes in the UK, a child is hurt or killed on foot, most on the way to or from school.
Nearly half of our children are now driven to school meaning more obesity and traffic danger.” (From the Brake website)

Our now annual Walking Bus event, to promote walking to and from school and encourage drivers to reduce their speeds in areas such as our village.

Walking to school is wonderful, taking traffic off the roads, easing congestion, reducing pollution and most importantly getting children used to walking and having independence.



walking bus 2013 b 0103

walking bus 2013 b 0105

walking bus 2013 b 0108

walking bus 2013 b 0111








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School was fortunate today to be visited by the Pet Awareness Scheme (PAWS) of East Riding Council. Lead Officer from the Animal and Pest Control Service visited every class and gave them a talk on how to be responsible pet owners.

This is all part of our ‘Responsible Dog Ownership’ project, aiming to increase awareness about the amount of dog mess on the streets of Wilberfoss.




You can download the rest of the PAWS leaflet at the school website EVENTS PAGE, or from the ERYC Caring For Dogs page.





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