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The Tour de Yorkshire came our way over the May Day Holiday Weekend. Were you watching the race? Lots of our children were, but before then, quite a few of them had a chance to take part in their very own version in the Foundation Stage…

DSCN0299 DSCN0288 DSCN0289 DSCN0290 DSCN0291 DSCN0292 DSCN0293 DSCN0295 DSCN0296 DSCN0298

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It nearly rained again, but this time everything stayed dry and a fabulous time was had by all.

Congratulations to all those who took part, all those who cheered, all those who did anything!

DSCN3448 DSCN3400 DSCN3401 DSCN3411 DSCN3412 DSCN3414 DSCN3416 DSCN3422 DSCN3423 DSCN3432 DSCN3433 DSCN3438 DSCN3440 DSCN3441 DSCN3445

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Sport, sport, sport, sport!!!! World Cup first, now it’s the world’s greatest cycle event at Wilberfoss!


Foundation Stage made this fabulous bike and these Tour jerseys – everyone was involved!

DSCN3391 DSCN3388 DSCN3387 DSCN3384

DSCN3399 DSCN3393 DSCN3394 DSCN3395 DSCN3396 DSCN3397 DSCN3398

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We nearly had the perfectly gloriously sunny day that we always hope for – but rain unfortunately stopped play! However, we did manage to get a lot of events done before we had to call a halt to proceedings!

However, the children still had a wonderful time!

DSCN3323 DSCN3328 DSCN3334 DSCN3282 DSCN3283 DSCN3286 DSCN3288 DSCN3293 DSCN3295 DSCN3299 DSCN3302 DSCN3306 DSCN3311 DSCN3314 DSCN3315 DSCN3318

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