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Reporting incidents on Facebook – Support for schools

YHGfL has taken a prominent role in providing support for schools with guides relating to professionals’ use of Facebook and solutions to common issues. We have put together a series of links and frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help staff to guide young people and parents to manage problems that occur on Facebook. The rise […]

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Free to YHGfL Members. Advanced Scratch online workshop – 17th March

February 20th, 2014 by Andrew


17Th March 2014 – 4.00pm – Online

This online session will take those supporting scratch programming in the classroom a little further looking at some of the more advanced commands and techniques used in creating games and aplications.

The session will look at and with examples commands including , moving backgrounds, bringing sprites to life, use of broadcast and levels, variables, timers, data handling and conditional loops and using the microphone as an input device. We will also take a look at the on-line Scratch version 2 and the use of the web cam in games.

After the workshop delegates will have the opportunity  stay on line for a Q&A /help session if required.

Starting at 4:00 the workshop will last approximately 45/60 minutes and be conducted through Adobe Connect. All you will need is access to a PC and a set of headphones. If you aren’t sure what to do we will happily run a quick test session with you first.

Click HERE to book your place

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Coding for women

February 11th, 2014 by Clare

Womens blog

In case you’ve missed it Jane Martinson has posted a very interesting piece on the Guardian’s ‘Women’s Blog’ about women and coding. Highlights are:

  • Girls don’t code. And when they do, they tend to come to it by a roundabout route
  • Coding is too important to be left to half the population
  • Both women and men want apps to control their children
  • Most developers are self-taught but the rest of us need really good teachers

To read more click on the logo or here

In the Yorkshire & Humber Region there are around 100 Code Clubs which have been set up and some schools are running Code Club specifically for girls. To find out more about Code Clubs just click on the logo:


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Safer Internet Day Radio Station

February 10th, 2014 by Clare

Anderton Tiger

LIVE on Tuesday 11th February 2014 from midday

This LIVE Internet Radio show will feature schools, colleagues and policymakers offering advice and guidance about how they keep young people safe online. Our very own Vicki Parsons will be featured along with year 2 pupils from Normanton Infants School in Wakefield.For more information visit the Anderton Tiger Internet Radio site:

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Hour of Code – UK

February 3rd, 2014 by David Tidman

Supporting Hour of Code in UK Schools


UK Hour of Code by plans to be the biggest ever national initiative to get students, teachers and parents learning to code in just one hour, over the week of 3 – 9 March 2014. The campaign intends to help teachers and students get ahead of curriculum changes which will require school children to cover computer science from September 2014.

Students will be able to learn the basic skills of computer programming in sixty minutes, through fun tutorials that feature well-known characters from apps and games. Suitable for all ages and abilities, neither students nor teachers need any prior experience to use the self-guided materials that are accessible for free on the UK Hour of Code website via computers, tablets, and smartphones.

UK Hour of Code is led by and supported by e-skills UK, Tech City UK, founders4schools, and a wide range of supporters of computing in education.

Further information can be found at, where interested parties can also register to participate.

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Living Islands: Live – teaching through nature

February 3rd, 2014 by David Tidman


Living Islands Live Monday 21st April 2014 to Friday 4th July 2014

An exciting project Science, ICT and Cross Curricular Project for students in KS1 and 2

Follow every day in your classroom and at home the progress of the new born pufflings!

Living Islands Live 2014: A Puffin season on Burhou is a 12 week project that will commence in April 2014. For 12 weeks pupils in your school will have the unique opportunity to watch and observe the daily life of this sea bird colony and learn about the work of the Alderney Wildlife and the beautiful island of Alderney.

The cost to take part in Living Islands Live 2014 is just £99 plus VAT (just £1.20 per day!)

For further information about the project visit or email


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Preparing for the new curriculum doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

January 28th, 2014 by David Tidman


Getting ready for the new computing curriculum, starting in September 2014 is a challenge for schools and initially appears to require expensive new equipment and staff training.

At YHGfL we are very aware that school budgets are stretched so here are few suggestions that will help schools prepare for the new curriculum in an organised and cost-effective way

Free programming software include;


We also offer to our member schools, a range of free online courses addressing many of the issues and support for these free applications. Details of these can be found at

We have also become aware of a free online course being delivered by the University of East Anglia, last 4 weeks and taking 2 hours per week, to help schools introduce the new curriculum. For further information on this visit

Through our partnership with Rising Stars, we are able to offer significant discount to member schools who are interested in purchasing their new ‘Switched On Computing’ curriculum.

For further details or support, don’t hesitate to contact YHGfL either by phone on 01724 275 016 or via our site

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Jacqueline Wilson interviewed!

January 16th, 2014 by David Tidman

An insightful interview with Jacqueline offering a uniquelook into her writing process, inspirations and influences is now available from the National Educational Network (NEN).

Also available is the full length video conference between  schools and Jacqueline from the October event hosted by LGfL, one of partners on the NEN.

For more information on this and other unique interviews visit via your school network or click here for an overview of this and other resources available through the NEN.

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YHGfL 2.0 – A new beginning

January 13th, 2014 by Andrew

ict4 logo

Until recently, YHGfL has worked largely through local authority colleagues and structures, providing services and resources in an extremely cost-effective way and saving significant sums of money in the process. However, the changes that have been affecting everyone in education over the past few years means that this model is no longer the most effective way for schools, teachers and learners to benefit from YHGfL’s activities.
That’s why YHGfL created ICT4Collaboration (ICT4C) as a means of delivering its products, services and resources directly to schools. So, over the next few months, we will be making some important changes to how we do things and working much more directly with individual and groups of schools. For many schools, this will mean that you will no longer pay the local authority for our services, but will pay directly for those services that you want to continue to take – increasing your choice and making for even better value for money.
Some local authorities have negotiated with their schools a continuation of the current arrangements and have achieved significant cost reductions as a result – so some schools will continue to access our services via their local authority. Do ask your LA contacts if you are unclear about your position or email us at and we will let you know.
We will try to keep everyone informed about the changes coming in April – but do come back to the website ( and check for any updates here. Alternatively, sign up for our YHGfL News mailing and we’ll keep you informed that way.

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2014 Video Conferencing Opportunities from YHGfL

January 8th, 2014 by Andrew

YHGfL have set the dates for a number of Video Conference sessions throught 2014

Below is a summary, see the YHGfL website for further information:

Video Conference with David Webb  – Author – KS1 upwards

3rd March 2014

YHGfL are marking book week this year by giving schools the fantastic opportunity to take part in a video conference session with the author David Webb (see David will be running a range of sessions tailored to the group of children involved with plenty of opportunities to discuss his work, ask him questions about his books and what it’s like to be an author. Maybe your children could read some of their work to him.  If you and your pupils would like the opportunity to meet David we have a limited number of slots available – book now to avoid disappointment!

Mathsbuster Numeracy VC – Y5/6

3rd April  2014

Based on the popular “Blockbuster” TV shows this video conference has classes competing against each other answering questions based on past numeracy SATs papers (but not the actual questions).

The 45 min approx. session is aimed at Y5 or Y6 pupils based around a wide range of numeracy questions, primarily focused at Level 4, in the style of those questions presented in SATs papers for KS2.

The format will link together two schools, hosted by our very own quizmaster Bob Bloggs, Professor of Very Difficult Mathematics from the University of Impossibly Hard Mathematical Problem Solving.

Each school will nominate a team to answer the questions, supported by the rest of the class. Both schools will need to work on the answer just in case it’s wrong and it gets passed over. A series of challenges and surprises will ensure a close contest. If we do get stuck Professor Bob will give expert advice.TBC

Yorkshire Vision 2014  – Primary MFL

May 22nd   2014

A videoconferencing opportunity in true ‘Euro Vision’ style for YHGfL member primary schools compared by our very own Pierre from Paris.

Schools will perform a short song, no longer than 3 minutes in a MFL. (French, German or Spanish)

The Schools will watch the other schools perform, then after a short break, vote for the best performance and report back in true Euro Vision style – there will be no ‘0 points’

Performances will be judged along the lines of:

*   Are the children joining in?

*   Is it an enthusiastic performance?

*   Are the children having fun?

Meet Mr Twit – Primary Literacy ks2

July 9TH 2014 –  TBC

Based on Roald Dahl children’s book. Children can hear some of the pranks performed by Mr Twit on his long suffering and maybe hideous wife Mrs Twit.

With a number of challenges and questions posed to the children throughout the session, they will also have the ability to ask questions of Mr Twit about his life and those around him.

Prior to the session Mr Twit will send schools a number of literacy challenges/activities they may like to do and report back to him in the session. i.e. A new recipe for his dinner , design a house for the Muggle-Wump or plan a new nasty trick.

It will be advantages for children to have read the book , the challenges will be sent out at Easter 2014 so early booking is highly recommended.

VC with Wes Magee for Poetry Week

1St & 2nd October 2014 – All key Stages – Dates to be confirmed

YHGfL are marking Poetry Week again this year by giving schools the fantastic opportunity to take part in a video conference session with award winning poet and author Wes Magee. Wes will run a range of sessions from Action Rhymes, to Poetry Shows – each tailored to the group of children involved. If you and your pupils would like the opportunity to meet Wes virtually this October we have a limited number of slots available – book now to avoid disappointment!

Bring Lapland to Your Classroom –  speaking and listening

15th – 18th December 2014 – All Key  Stages

Father Christmas is so busy these days he really finds it difficult to visit schools in person. We’ve managed to arrange for him to talk to you once again via his new video conferencing system, using the power of the internet to visit you instead! If your pupils would like the opportunity to meet Santa virtually this December direct from Lapland we have a limited number of slots available.

To take part in any of these  video conference you will need as a minimum a web cam with microphone and a speaker set connected to a computer running windows on your broadband connection. With this we will be using the FREE video conferencing software Janet Desktop.  We can also connect to schools registered with JVCS on their usual video conferencing system or software. YHGfL and some LAs also have systems that can be loaned out if necessary.

YHGfL are able to support any school new or using to the technology and run a number of on-line and face to face workshops throughout the year. See our CPD section on the website :

Our  next on-line Video Conferencing  CPD sessions is on  19th March 2014 at 4.00, extra ones can be arranged by request.

For further information on the sessions or information in general about Video Conferencing email

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Logic from the BBC!

December 20th, 2013 by David Tidman


A interesting resource introducing logic including how to use children to build a computer. To find out more follow this link

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