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Today it was lovely sunshine and we ejoyed family groups, we all did different activities, here are a few photographs taken by Charlotte.











We were thinking this week about things we might like to change to make our life better. Here are some of the children's ideas that they wrote on the board this week.

Have a helicopter

Have a go kart

My own dog

More educational visits

Make my brother less naughty

My own meerkat

Go to the market with my Grandad

More PE outside

Be a pop star

To have 2 more horses

To do 6 sports every week

To have longer nails

To have a few more friends


Star awards this week

Aimee-Rose, Lola, Ben, Lucie, Michal, Ben, Sophie, Eden-Ny, Florence, Henry, Oscar


Happy Birthday Alex, Edward, Jack and Isobel (some of these are belated)


Well done to the following children for good manners at lunchtime:

Phoebe, Jake, Sam, Zak, Elizabeth





Class 2 are busy writing about their School Trip to Danelaw Dark Age Village.




Family group 1 made door hangers for their bedrooms



Family group 6 gardened

Family group 2 did team games

Family group 3 played games outside

Family group 4 played parachute games


Family group 5 planted sun flowers





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This week we were talking about 'changes' in Assembly. We are really looking forward to using the new lockers that are now installed.

Star Awards this week

Jake, Evie, Rose, Abigail, Beth, Alex, Alexia, Sophie, Olivia, Poppy, James, Amber


KS2 Cyclo Cross certificates were awarded to Lucy, Erin, Ellie


Erin, Jae, Lucy, Sophie, Archie


Dave who helped us to raise some funds and came back to report to us today.

Well done to all those who received bronze, silver or gold medals for fundraising. Well done! You all raised over £1300



Mr. Pearson has fitted the lockers, thank you to everyone who has helped us raise £1600 we could have not done this project with out your support. Class 3 will be delighted not to have to use the clothes rail any more for their coats.






Garden club tonight have worked hard planting sweet peas and vegetables. Lucy took all the photographs and we all enjoyed the sunshine.



















We have so many people to thank for raising the £1600 for the lockers. Mr Pearson will fit them tomorrow and you will need to share with a friend. Class 3 can say good bye to their clothes rail on Monday.






The raised beds are coming on really well, tonight we have planted sweet peas. All the children worked really hard, Lucy took the photographs tonight.