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Class1did the tour in the playground. You had to ride the bikes and do star jumps, and bean bag throwing as well as running from bases and then to a time as Mrs. Hirst was on the stop watch.







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We are all very excited about the Tour De France which is coming very close by to School in the next few days. We are all looking forward to our special day today.

Amy rose and Mia got the bunting untangled and put it up – thanks.

Layla and Beatrice for story writing
Oliver k
Jack s

Quinn has got a medal for being good in cubs and beavers.

Happy Birthday Ethan and Elizabeth

– Megan


We made posters about playground manners, the best will be made into a poster for the playground.


Mrs. Roebuck came to assembly today from the WI and gave the school all the cards back. She put them all in photograph albums, these are in the hall for everyone to look at. It must have taken her a very long time, she is very kind.




Star Awards this week (written by Megan)

  • Alex wrote a five part story
  • Amara for writing
  • Adie for lovely writing
  • Mena for looking after Holly in Class 1,
  • Humphrey for good vocabulary
  • Lucie and Poppy for being a brilliant role model
  • Megan for excellent research
  • Emma for having such a mature attitude


Well done to the School Orienteering Team – you made us very proud by representing us at three local events. Fabulous

Well done to all those in Class 3 for achieving your Personal Survival awards in swimming.

It was lovely to see a good number of Parents today – thanks for coming.

Well done Elizabeth for achieving your rosette for riding.


In Class 3
Lucy cope got an award for a good presented holiday advert
Elizabeth and Ellie got an award for doing a good job at tiding the reading corner

In Class 2
Hayden did well in class
Luca and Quinn were sensible all the time

In Class 1
Abigail ,Prewa, Jake.
Edward brought in medals and trophies too show the school

-Megan and Ruby


The school council are pleased to say that the benches arrived yesterday. As you can see they are being used already, thank you for collecting all those 20 pences!

The school council





Family Groups is when we work in mixed age groups from Reception to Year 5. Older children are involved in taking responsibility for organising and supporting younger children in their learning.

During Family Groups today, one group took photos whilst the others were at work. After that they made photo collages and here are the results:




Class 2 enjoyed their Science visit to the woods this week. They also produced some lovely writing on the topic.

This week we have been thinking about being kind and caring. We have been trying to win a prize by showing caring behaviour. Well done Archie for winning the huge cuddly toy!

Thanks again for collecting money for School Council to buy benches. The new benches have been dispatched …. So watch out for them!

Star Award this week:

Jake, Zoe, Ethan, Ben, Luke, Harrison, Tabitha, Holly, Tilly, Lola, James, Lucas, Tom


Happy Birthday Edward


Well done to Class 3 for your fantastic performance and participation in the music festival in Huddersfield Town Hall yesterday. You made us all very proud. Thanks go to Erin, Patrick, Tilly, James, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Poppy, Ellie, Lucie, Lucy, Isabel, Holly and Megan for representing us. Thanks for your extra performance today in assembly. You all get a Star Award :)

Star Awards in Classes 1 and 2:

Jae, Zack, Mena, Phoebe, Adie, Charlotte, Luca, Eden-Ny

Keep making sure you are being kind and caring so that you win raffle tickets to enter the Teddy Bear draw.