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Star Award this week go to:

Zack, Humphrey, Oscar, Jack, Archie, Holly, Thomas, Edward, Anna, Patrick and Megan


These awards were for writing and Science this week.

We added a few people to our achievement board this week. Anna and Lexi participated in a piano duet in the Mrs Sunderland music festival this week. We enjoyed listening to their delightful playing in assembly.


Handwriting Pen Licences were given to Ruby, Lexi and Natasha.


A huge number of 100% Attendence Awards were handed out. Well done everyone. Wow!


Happy Birthday Poppy, Ellie and Amara


A large number of children got award for completing their stamp cards today, especially Gold Award. You have all worked very hard, well done everyone.


Munch munch

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Munch the dragon came to visit us in Assembly today to talk to us about healthy eating.




Valentines craft

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In Family Groups today, Mr Burdon's groups thought about how to be kind with a camera. We talked about how pictures get shared on websites automatically. We talked about how quickly that can happen, and how we take and use photos with permission. We need to be careful and kind with the cameras we use. Here are some of the fun shots we took:



We were thinking about the Winter Olympics in Assembly today, and Mr Simmons shared a few thoughts about a trip to Russia.

Thinking about special achievements, Angus shared his 25 metres swimming award.


Star Awards this week were awarded to:

Thomas, Hannah, Darcie, Tabitha, Holly, Aaron, Prewa, Poppy, Elizabeth, Lucy and Emma

Thanks to those children who played percussion during our singing today.




We composed some rocket music today. Look at the picture. Can you hear the engines? Can you hear the rocket going up? Can you hear the stars? Can you hear the aliens in space?

We all thought about Chinese New Year in Assembly today. We will be finding out more during the week, and celebrating this special day on Friday.



We used the Pic Collage iPad App in Family Groups today to record what everyone else was doing. Isobel and Oliver were the group leaders.




School 360

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Isobel and Lola made this 360 degree panorama with an iPad today. You can explore it with your computer at home, or even use the gyroscope in your smartphone or tablet. Click the gyroscope button if it appears.