The Views of Parents

Ofsted have recently launched “Parent View”, an online questionnaire that allows
parents and carers to give their views on their child’s school at any time of the year.

The questionnaire covers a range of topics, including quality of teaching, bullying,
behaviour and levels of homework, allowing parents to give a view about their
child’s school on each issue, with a final question as to whether or not they would
recommend the school to other parents.

Please be aware that it is important to make a distinction between the purpose of
the ‘Parent View’ website and the school’s complaint procedure.

Any concerns that parents may have about aspects of school life still need to be
raised either with the class teacher or the Headteacher.

The ‘Parent View’ website is not a means of resolving such issues.

We would be keen for our parents to complete the OfSted ‘Parent View’ questionnaire. Links to the Parent View website are available here, which is just one part of our School Information section.



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