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Well done to everyone for designing some lovely Christmas Cards. The following children have been chosen as winners across School: Tabitha, Jack, Adie, Thomas, Aaron, Oscar, Sam.

We will use Tabitha's design to send to friends of the School.

Well done to all those children who have not missed a day of School. Your certificates will be sent home with you today.

Star Award this week go to: Luke, Olivia, Ellie, Lucas, Prewa, Isaac, Angus, Elizabeth, Oliver, Sam, Amelia



Well done Florence for your special Swimming Certificate.

Happy Birthday Holly and Louis

Well done Edward for being an excellent Play Leader this week.

The following children are sitting on Friday Table. They have all shown very good manners: Michael, Florence, Amber, Oscar, Erin

Ms Spark announced the results of her interviews for librarians. 35 Key Stage 2 children applies for the posts, of which there are 12. 21 were invited to attend for interview. Your applications and interviews were all excellent. All the children were asked why they thought they would make a good librarian.

The following children have been appointed as library assistants from Year 3: Hayden, Alex, Alexia, Angus, Darcie, Thomas

Junior Librarians are: Holly, Luke, Tabitha, Amber, Aimee-Rose, Ben (Year 4)

Senior Librarians are: Olivia, Lola, Natasha, Erin, Poppy, Lucas, James, Ellie

Maisie has been appointed as most Senior Librarian. She will be assisted by Lucas.


The next round of interviews will be in the Summer Term.



Class 2 visited the Birdsedge Countryside Project today. They helped to make a habitat pole. If you would like to visit, your child would be happy to take you for a walk (it's a bit muddy.)

Those in Year 5 may also wish to see how tall the trees have grown that they planted.

Our habitat pile.


The trees planted by Year 5 children a few years ago

are in the centre of this photo.




The children will be in the paper this week, we are unsure of the day. What a lovely photograph of them all.

Best wishes Mr. Simmons


Here are this week's Star Award achievers. Well done everyone!


Today we have used our senses, some children have been using their sense of smell. Some have been using their sense of sight and touch, have a look at the photographs below. Best wishes Mr. Simmons







The Year 5 children got a certicate for training to be Play Leaders. Alexia, Amara, Layla and Beartrice won an award for lovely writing with Mr. Simmons. Penny showed her certificate that she won for dancing. Harrison, Edward and James got an award for excellent maths.


Star assembly

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We had 24 parents at star assembly. Year 5 all have passed their course in how to become play leaders.

Penny showed her certificate she won for dancing. Harrison got a certificate for settling in to school so well. Layla, Amara, Alexia and Beatrice have done amazing writing with Mr. SImmons. Harrison, Edward and James have done well in maths this week.



Ms Spark went with Adie, Isaac and Mena to the Book Shop in Denby Dale. They bought books and got a few books for free, they loaded up the book mobile and showed all the school the books that they purchased in today's assembly.




We designed our Christmas cards in family groups.


Year 5 children all received Play Leader Training on 7th October 2014, they have made a rota and have been out in action in the play ground teaching the younger children how to play games.