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Egg Winners

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Firstly well done to those who achieved 100% attendance this term. Excellent! All those children were given a certificate.


Winners of the decorated egg competition are as follows:


Reception: Evie

Year 1: Mena

Year 2: Elizabeth

Year 3: Lucy

Year 4: Aimee-Rose

Year 5: Holly


Happy Birthday: Sam, Lucas, Jae, Harrison, Edward


Winners of the Spring Chickens are: Michael, Elizabeth, Erin




Mr Simmons spoke about why we have Easter eggs.


Erin, chair of School Council, read her letter explaining that School Council will be holding a movie night on Thursday 21st May from 6-8pm.


Star Awards this week.

Lola, Aimee-Rose, Quinn, Jack, Charlotte, Poppy, Isaac, Layla, Thomas, Kage, Luca, Darcie, Sam, Oliver, Michael




Well done everyone who received a Silver, Gold or Ruby Award this week.


Thank you to Imogen as the ukulele club performed The Grand Old Duke of York last night. It sounded really good and the children have all progressed.



This morning was Class assembly it was excellent, they talked about What the had learnt in French. The main focus was on the Tudors and Henry the Eighth and his six wives. The children acted out scenes from Macbeth and all the children had at least two parts. We all enjoyed watching it.


James and Jarren




The educational visit of Tudor times.













The children read out their recipes.



Thank you to Class 3, Mrs. Schofield, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Pickford and Mrs. Schofield for all your hard work.


Today 3 children from Class 3 took part in a science morning, it looks like they had a really good time by the photographs.









Class 2 have been coding. Our results are below.

Take a look at the game we made in a group. Click here to see it.

The Queen and the cake – by Sophie

Or Click to Play

DRAGON UP by Kage and Luca
Click to Play

DRAGON KILL By Isaac and Angus
Click to Play

Click to Play

MAGIC LAMP by Aaron and Zoe
Click to Play

Today Simeon Wood came to school he did an assembly which was started off by Holly and Holly playing their flutes. Simeon played a variety of flutes and even a bike pump and an old metal walking stick. The children asked questions and loved Simeon playing the water bottles. Simeon then went into all three classes and worked with the children. Thank you very much Simeon and Mrs. Pickavance for inviting him.















We are excited to watch the total eclipse this morning during on the BBC live feed.


Star Awards this week

Sophie, Luca, Kage, Jake, Zoë, Ben, Edward, Luke, Isobel, Penny, Oliver



We'll done to the following people for being very polite,

Edward, Lucas, Olivia and Natasha




Groups of children in Class 3 have spent a busy afternoon in the kitchen making pizza swirls today. They were challenged to follow a recipe independently, working together as a group. Each group worked together very well, using their cookery skills and sharing out the roles and responsibilities – including the washing up! Their pizza swirls were delicious.








Last Wednesday Class 3 put on their costumes and stepped back in time to spend the day as living as Tudors at Shibden Hall in Halifax. Working with Mistress Jane and Lady Agnes, they had a tour of the house, examined Tudor household objects (including a frightening looking mouse-trap), learnt about the use of herbs and made 'tussy mussies', using herbs to help cure a range of ailments. They also found out that Master Robert liked a dead mouse to be dropped into his beer whilst it was brewing, as the decomposing body of the mouse helped make his beer extra fizzy … Yuck! One of the highlights of the day was seeing Lola and Edward being dressed up in full Tudor costume.

The children all looked fantastic in their costumes, so thank you to all the adults who went to so much effort at home to help but the costumes together.