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English kobo

Kobo is a global eReading service, where you can get everything from the latest New York Times Bestsellers and Harlequin Romances to your favorite classics.

Follow these easy steps to start reading eBooks on your smartphone, eReader or desktop.


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Geography MFL iPhone arounder AROUNDER gives travelers a vivid sense of what a city has to offer: historical cathedrals and works of art, museums featuring famous artists, local cafes and stores, breathtaking mountain-top views, quiet parks and gardens. Each issue contains a series of interesting panoramas giving you a full immersive view of the cities. Navigation is easy with Google maps of the city and surrounding area. Every issue also links to local merchants with virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, spas and stores.

With Arounder, you can also take a 3D Virtual tour of the Moon too!


And… there’s more. Arounder have also released an iPhone/ iTouch APP.

ArounderTouch puts the whole wide world in your hands


Created by VRWay Communication, ArounderTouch now brings Award winning Virtual Reality Panoramas from to your iPhone ands iPod touch. Pre-plan your travels by experiencing up-close the historical cathedrals, renowned art museums, majestic landmarks, glorious mountain-top vistas as well as those local cafes, shops and quiet places that make each city unique. Through vivid virtual exploring, you can time travel to a location without taking a step.

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iPhone Educate ikonstrukt Educate 2.0 is an iPhone/iPod Touch app designed to support teaching professionals in schools, universities and colleges. It features in-built timetabling, student tracking, teaching strategies and eLearning tools.

Track and sync student data with Google Docs

Educate 2.0 allows you to easily track, import and export student attendance/progress data via Google Docs. Use ready-made scales or directly enter any type of information you wish.

Communicate with your cohort

Email all students in a class with the tap of a button. Alternatively, phone/email an individual student or their guardian by simply tapping a name.

Access the best of the web

Educate 2.0 features customisable ‘Bookmarks’ that provide users with instant access to useful web 2.0 resources. It also features a camera that allows tagging of images, a voice recorder for anecdotal notes and a stopwatch.


Keep track of your classes

Educate can keep track of your schedule with a flexible timetable that allows you to customise the number of days, periods and subjects. Simply tap a lesson to add a note.

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iPhone iCT@C iwikiphone In iWikiPhone we wanted to do things differently.

With millions of apps being downloaded from the App Store and thousands of new ones being released every day, we feel it is time to give a voice to the people using them day to day.

iWikiPhone is a free & independent social network for iPhone users to discover, share, discuss and contribute to the creation of new apps. We have designed it as a place of trust where no advertising influences opinions.

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iPhone iCT@C BETT2010_glossy GP

Launched in 2008, we now have over 300 podcasts expertly created for effective learning and revision…

  • Produced in collaboration with over 30 teachers for GCSE students
  • Relevant to the six main GCSE exam boards across seven subjects
  • Enhanced podcasts with added text and original images
  • As simple to download as iTunes
  • For use as a learning resource throughout the year, not just for revision
  • Reasonably priced from £1.95 per title or from £9.95 for a whole topic
  • Available in short, easy to digest, bite-size segments

GCSEPod is an accessible and affordable learning product, written by teachers, for use by Years 9, 10 and 11 on computers, iPods and Mobile Phones, anytime, anywhere, all year round.


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iPhone MFL iCT@C BETT2010_glossy sm

  • The learning mode and preparing a study plan for a given day,
    • The option of creating new courses by users,
    • Thanks to the SuperMemo application for iPhone users can define and create their own multimedia courses, based on the exercises of their own design. With your own courses you can study the materials you have created yourself, making use of the advantages of the SuperMemo method.

      The course editor allows users to define various types of pages: the chapter and presentation pages, and also the question and answer, fill the gaps and multiple choice exercise pages. The editing process in itself is supported with many tools which simplify creating, editing and transferring exercises within the course structure. A user-made course is available only on the iPhone it has been defined for.

      CLICK HERE for more details

  • The SuperMemo courses support your learning efforts by creating your personal study plan for a given day. It includes the number of repetitions, the material you possibly need to revise and the new material.


    The fast learning courses are based on the SuperMemo revising method. When you solve an exercise, the application checks if the answer is correct and, at the same time, shows the auto-grade buttons. Users can choose their own grade and the application calculates the date of the next revision using the abovementioned algorithm of repetitions.

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iCT@C iPhone edtv Excellent video reference library which lists and explains new teaching and learning technologies that are availabel via the EduTecher website.

It is also available as an iPhone APP too. So that you can gain access to all of the teaching and learning content directly on your handheld.

CLICK HERE to go to this resource.

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English iPhone dl We created DailyLit because we spent hours each day on email but could not find the time to read a book. Now the books come to us by email. Problem solved.


We got the idea for DailyLit after the New York Times serialized a few classic works in special supplements a few summers ago. We wound up reading books that we had always meant to simply by virtue of making them part of our daily routine of reading the newspaper. The only thing we do more consistenly than read the paper is read email. Bingo! We put together a first version and began reading “War of the Worlds” and “Pride and Prejudice“. We showed it to friends, added more books and features at their request, and presto, DailyLit was born.



It’s really simple.

  1. Find a book you want to read
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click subscribe

Get started now by browsing for a book.

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iPhone iCT@C edmodo

What is Edmodo?

A private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments.

Applications for Education
Edmodo could be used for a wide variety of tasks and lessons. Creating anEdmodo group could be a handy way to remind students of assignments and tasks they need to complete. It could also be a forum for open discussion in an online course setting. In a one-to-one computing environment you could post a story starter and have each student add a sentence or paragraph to create a collaboratively written story.

The number one feature request we have received for Edmodo is an iPhone/iPod touch or mobile web app.   This is something that has been on our agenda since we launched Edmodo.  Tonight we would like to give everyone an early holiday present and announce the beta of the Edmodo Mobile Web Application at

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iPhone iCT@C GoogleGoggles GGoggles

Use pictures to search the web.

A picture is worth thousand words.No need to type your search anymore. Just take a picture.

Find out what businesses are nearby.Just point your phone at a store.

This is just the beginning – it’s not quite perfect yet.Works well for some things, but not for all.

Your pictures, your control.Turn on ‘visual search history’ to view or share your pictures at any time. Turn it off to discard them once the search is done.

CLICK HERE for more details.

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