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Nothing is better than being able to create and share your images and work directly in Google Docs.

Free design tools and templates to create, modify and share images, logos, presentations, audio tracks, podcasts & more. Teams can collaborate on multimedia projects. Works directly in Google Docs.

  • Create Logos, Slides, Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Retouch photos, Make Web Templates & Banner Ads
  • Develop Podcasts, Remix Audio & More


Click on the image above to see a short video about this product.

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Music ICT Aviary

Powerful Clip Editing

Trim, Loop, Stretch and Reverse your audio clips, width editable loop points, and interactive time stretch capabilities.

Clip Editing

Easy Automation

Add fade-ins, fade-outs, pan from left to right, and modify gain over time, with editable control points.


Apply Effects

Add non-destructive effects to your audio clips including Pitch Change, Reverb, Delay, Parametric EQ, and more. files.


File Portability

Import / Export your own audio files, or browse thousands of professional libraries courtesy of APM Music. Mix it down and export directly to your desktop or publish back to your Aviary account.


CLICK HERE to go to this FREE online tool.

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