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Geography DrG A great blog article with excellent teaching and learning resources for all levels of Geography in using GPS within the curriculum.

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Maths tcm This is an excellent blog, dedicated to the teaching and learning of Maths. Lots of great ideas, and ways to enhance lessons. Plenty of resources to browse and muse, and a great place to keep up to date with the latest ways that technology is helping students learn and teachers teach, this subject.

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iPhone Music iCT@C ab It has captured the birth of a new babyclashes at the G20 protests,London marathon runners gasping for breath, cheery observations from Stephen Fry and bad jokes from Tony Blackburn. Less than three months since its launch, the sound-sharing website AudioBoo, is well on the way to becoming the YouTube of the spoken word.

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MFL wb Welcome to The WinkBall Project – the future of video communications! We have developed a series of exciting new tools for online communication: empowering people of all ages to express themselves creatively, and share in the emotional power of video. At last, WinkBall’s customisable video communication tools give people the opportunity to move beyond text, bringing people closer together through the exciting medium of video as a means of communication – without requiring technical skills.


Teachers can:
Create and record video tutorials demonstrating step-by-step processes and instructions using a video camera or webcam, and broadcast these as video messages that can be saved for repeated viewing.
Test language learning via video emails or recordable video chat.
Exchange regular video emails with students regarding their areas of study.
Students can:
Record and share class trips to museums, art galleries or outdoor field trips, by uploading videos to student video blogs and video walls.
Work in collaboration by creating and exchanging video content related to an area of study.
Use the video chat record facility to interview people online, and communicate with students in other schools.
Create regular news reports about events and issues important to them.
Record drama, music and performances, and share them with friends and family.
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iPhone iCT@C

You can now add an APP for this blog onto your smart phone. Follow the guidance below for help:

iCT@C How to Add the APP

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New Classroom Rules

1. Come to school every day, unless you would rather just go on line.

2.  Come to class on time, or log into your online class anytime day or night, whenever it is most convenient to you.

3.  Leave your seat only when necessary, which should be often to go collaborate with others or demonstrate something to the class.

4. Bring required materials, including your laptop and cell phone every day.

5. Talk only when permitted, text at all other times.

6. Don’t Talk to your neighbors, unless you are sharing your ideas, asking for help or giving help.

7. Use polite speech when speaking, blogging, texting, Twittering, instant messaging, etc.

8. Do not cheat, but remix, re-purpose, and sample other peoples’ work and ideas and give them credit.

9. Follow the teacher’s directions immediately and your peers’ directions too.

10. Be polite, courteous, and respectful at all times in both physical and virtual space.

11. Complete all assignments neatly and on time and submit on line or post to your blog or wiki, and share it with your followers on Twitter.

12.  Keep your hands to yourself, but share all your ideas and knowledge with others in your Personal Learning Network.

13. Be quiet in lines, hallways, and restrooms, unless you are at home and logged into your on line classroom, in which case you can dance and play music.

14. If you need help raise your hand, but don’t wait for the teacher get help from your neighbors and post your question to your online Personal Learning Network.

15. Know what you are supposed to be learning, why, and what you will do with the knowledge.

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Members of the iCT@Cwg are assigned as Authors of this blog. This means that you are able to write and contribute new Posts/ Articles. This is, afterall ‘ideally’ how this blog should be used. Contributions made by a number of staff, sharing knowledge, experience of exploring and using ICT and technologies throughout the curriculum.

However, anyone can register as a subscriber. To do this simply click on the Register link near the top right of the blog page. Subscribers can be promoted to Authors at any time. If you would like to become an Author, please let me know:

The document below is designed to help Authors write new Posts/ Articles and takes you through this process:

A video tutorial is also available (below, and on the eTv page) to help new Authors of this blog understand the process of writing and post a new blog post/ article.

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Thinking of ‘Child Development’ there are many online blogs and websites that allows the daily recording of your baby’s growth and activity. This site seems to be one of the easiest and cleanest to use:


lil’grams is hands-down the simplest, most convenient way to share your baby’s memories.


lil’grams is completely safe and secure – from the place we host everything to the padlock we put on your baby’s special site.


lil’grams makes it possible to share your memories with all of your loved ones automagically – set it and forget it


lil’grams helps you organize your baby’s precious moments and media with ease

We’re your personal assistant, don’t sweat the small stuff, we do all the shuffling.

CLICK HERE to go to this website.

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Follow iCT@C on Twitter…

You can now follow me on Twitter:

In turn I am following many other educationalists that use technologies for teaching and learning. ‘Many hands make light work’ as someone once said.

So, get tweeting.

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Welcome to the ICTAC Fair blog

NOTE: You will need to ‘Log In’ to add a new Post on this blog:

Add a new post here
Add a new post here

Your first addition (Post) on this blog will be an opportunity for you to practice blogging so that you will be able to add your weekly contribution/ update during the ICTAC Fair.

For your first ‘Post’ I’d like you to coment on any or all of the following starting points:

  • Briefly explain your ‘own’ experience during last years ICTAC Fair.
  • In light of your experience of the fair last year, which items of technology did your department choose for its focus?
  • In your own words how did the Fair help you/ your department, in terms of trying some new technology or in terms of teaching methods and pedagogy which may have needed some change?
  • A chance for you to have a little moan….. Explain some of the frustrations or bad experiences that you encountered during last years fair.
  • A chance for you to share success….. What surprised you, or what worked out better than expected during last years fair?
  • Which technologies are your department going to use as its foci for the next ICTAC Fair, and why?
  • The above are just some ‘possible’ starting points for your first blog post. Feel free to write/ comment about any other aspect of the ICTAC fair.

To write your first post for this blog, click on the ‘Write’ icon above and log in to the editor. Click the link below for a user guide to help you in adding a new ‘Post’.


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