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How is the planning and preperation going? Share your experience here.

If you require any technical or practical help to prepare your department for its ‘Hands-On’ focus, which begins after the half term break, please ask.

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Welcome to the ICTAC Fair blog

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Your first addition (Post) on this blog will be an opportunity for you to practice blogging so that you will be able to add your weekly contribution/ update during the ICTAC Fair.

For your first ‘Post’ I’d like you to coment on any or all of the following starting points:

  • Briefly explain your ‘own’ experience during last years ICTAC Fair.
  • In light of your experience of the fair last year, which items of technology did your department choose for its focus?
  • In your own words how did the Fair help you/ your department, in terms of trying some new technology or in terms of teaching methods and pedagogy which may have needed some change?
  • A chance for you to have a little moan….. Explain some of the frustrations or bad experiences that you encountered during last years fair.
  • A chance for you to share success….. What surprised you, or what worked out better than expected during last years fair?
  • Which technologies are your department going to use as its foci for the next ICTAC Fair, and why?
  • The above are just some ‘possible’ starting points for your first blog post. Feel free to write/ comment about any other aspect of the ICTAC fair.

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Welcome to the ICTAC Fair blog.

As discussed at a recent ICTWG meeting, this blog is to be used by all ICT Champions throughout the duration of the ICTAC Fair.

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