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Geography wwunder A clever use of Google Maps, this site provides up to date detailed weather information with links to more options.


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Geography twitter-icon_flat Guidance and help for teachers of Geography, in using Twitter to build a personal teaching and learning network:

ICTAC MEMO Geography Tweechers

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Geography fs360 Full Screen 360’s give you the experience of standing in a space and looking in all directions 360 degrees. Two types of 360’s are common; cylindrical and cubic. Cubic 360’s give you the ability to look up and down as well. Object 360’s allow you the ability to rotate an object, product, or anything that can be photographed 360 degrees.


See how the volcano Mount St. Helens changed in the three-year span between 2003 and 2006 with these 360-degree panoramas.

Mount St.Helens is one of 18 different Virtual 360′ tours available on this site.

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Geography MFL iPhone arounder AROUNDER gives travelers a vivid sense of what a city has to offer: historical cathedrals and works of art, museums featuring famous artists, local cafes and stores, breathtaking mountain-top views, quiet parks and gardens. Each issue contains a series of interesting panoramas giving you a full immersive view of the cities. Navigation is easy with Google maps of the city and surrounding area. Every issue also links to local merchants with virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, spas and stores.

With Arounder, you can also take a 3D Virtual tour of the Moon too!


And… there’s more. Arounder have also released an iPhone/ iTouch APP.

ArounderTouch puts the whole wide world in your hands


Created by VRWay Communication, ArounderTouch now brings Award winning Virtual Reality Panoramas from to your iPhone ands iPod touch. Pre-plan your travels by experiencing up-close the historical cathedrals, renowned art museums, majestic landmarks, glorious mountain-top vistas as well as those local cafes, shops and quiet places that make each city unique. Through vivid virtual exploring, you can time travel to a location without taking a step.

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Geography History Pan

My intention with this site is to make immersive panoramic images also called VR Photography more known among the general public.

Interactive panoramas is a young media and as such it has for many years been known among entusiastic photographers and multimedia creators. An interactive VR panorama can not be seen in a book or on a printed image. If you print the panorama it gets a completely different expression.


The New 7 Wonders: Colosseum – The Great Wall – Petra – Taj Mahal – Machu Picchu – Christ Redeemer Rio – Chichén Itzá Mexico

View them all in 360 degree interactive panoramas from internationally known
panorama photographers.

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Geography Music BBC bbcws

Listen to sounds and audio from around the world. As part of the BBC World Service, this unique map allows users to upload sounds and audio from all over the globe. Could be useful for providing an alternative to text and images. Useful as a whole class resource via an IWB, and could also be useful to students creating project work based on other parts of the world, by adding links to sounds and audio made in the region they are studying about:


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Geography eoe




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Geography History sh

Today, many organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the sheer volume of data relating to their business. Although more data is invariably better, this is only true if the data can be processed into useable information, delivered to the correct audience in the correct format and allow for the right decisions to be taken at the right time.


Data visualisation is an ever evolving concept whose boundaries are continually expanding and at Shoothill we see our mission as to help our clients communicate their information clearly and effectively to their audiences through new, graphical and ultimately useful ways.

Shoothill provides Web-based solutions to Customers such as Microsoft, Bombardier, BT and MSN that help them to visualise and unlock the value of complex data through Microsoft Virtual Earth MapsSilverlightPhotosynth and TAG applications to their management, engineers, customers or website visitors.

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Geography wt

Full Function PC downloadable Professional Weather Station – (All in one remote sensor)

Features a fully functional weather forecaster that measures not only temperature and barometric pressure but also wind speed/direction, wind chill, humidity, rainfall and dew point temperature. It can then plot a bar graph showing the current and historical data for barometric pressure and rainfall for up to a period of 24 hrs. The weather station can then be connected to your PC via a USB connection and the latest weather data can be collected from the base station. The unit itself also features a radio controlled clock with alarm. It can also be set up to alert you to certain weather conditions when a certain criteria is met.


  • Rotary dial controls for easy console navigation
  • Includes five sensors for comprehensive weather information (UV sensor available for purchase separately)
  • Forecast the weather 12 to 24 hours in advance using graphical icons
  • Displays temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, rainfall, dew point, windchill, and heat index data
  • Bar graph shows 24-hour history of barometric, UV Index, and rainfall data
  • Automatically sets itself to the radio controlled time signal for Daylight Saving Time; includes alarm
  • Wind sensor provides information on wind speed, gust, and direction
  • Includes PC software CD to store and view weather data on your PC; USB connection to PC
  • Moon phase icon helps gauge moonlight and tides for outdoor activities
  • Displays three levels of temperature and humidity trends: Rising, Steady, or Falling
  • Wireless sensors transmit data from up to 300 feet from main unit
  • Minimum/maximum temperature and humidity memory with time/date stamp
  • HiGlo?electroluminescent backlight
  • Customizable weather alarms
  • Altitude adjustment for barometric pressure
  • Minimum System Requirements: Windows 32-bit operating system


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Geography DrG A great blog article with excellent teaching and learning resources for all levels of Geography in using GPS within the curriculum.

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