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iPhone Educate ikonstrukt Educate 2.0 is an iPhone/iPod Touch app designed to support teaching professionals in schools, universities and colleges. It features in-built timetabling, student tracking, teaching strategies and eLearning tools.

Track and sync student data with Google Docs

Educate 2.0 allows you to easily track, import and export student attendance/progress data via Google Docs. Use ready-made scales or directly enter any type of information you wish.

Communicate with your cohort

Email all students in a class with the tap of a button. Alternatively, phone/email an individual student or their guardian by simply tapping a name.

Access the best of the web

Educate 2.0 features customisable ‘Bookmarks’ that provide users with instant access to useful web 2.0 resources. It also features a camera that allows tagging of images, a voice recorder for anecdotal notes and a stopwatch.


Keep track of your classes

Educate can keep track of your schedule with a flexible timetable that allows you to customise the number of days, periods and subjects. Simply tap a lesson to add a note.

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