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So what are you doing?

This simple question is being asked by thousands of people all over the world. It is the prompt used by Tweeters that helps people with similar interests to keep up to date and in touch. I began my use of twitter back in 2009, although I never really discovered its real potential until recently. I began, perhaps, like most people, by setting up an account and posting my first Tweet. However, it was not until I started to follow like-minded people that I saw how powerful Twitter is. Soon, by carefully selecting Tweeters to follow, my personal network began to grow.

Recently prior to the annual BETT show, Twitter really came into its own. It allowed me to find out what was going on in London, at the show before I went there myself. During the show while I was there, I was able to Tweet about technologies that I discovered, in turn, sharing my findings with my followers. The power of Twitter seems to me to be about sharing, and building networks. I now follow many Tweeters, and in turn I am followed by many more, and this helps me keep in check with what is going on, locally, regionally, nationally and all over the world. The best bit, is that the Tweets that I recieve are personal to my own interests because of the Tweeters that I follow.

Many of my fellow Tweeters are related to education, or technology. It became clear that many of my colleagues (a large high school in West Yorkshire), could benefit from the use of Twitter by creating and building their own personal networks. This prompted me to ask my followers to help me create a database of Tweeters based on curriculum speacialisms. This database became know as #Tweechers.

The results came in quickly and I soon had a database of Tweechers for almost all curriculum areas. The idea is for my colleagues at my current school, and for teachers throughout the UK to be able to build their own network of followers on Twitter based on curriculum areas. In doing so, helping teachers share and collaborate on topics and information which is useful to individuals.

CLICK HERE to go to this database.

If you are a Tweecher, CLICK HERE to add yourself to this database.

Also of use to new users of Twitter, would be this helpful guide (below):

How to Twitter Effectively 09

After building my own personal network using Twitter, I saw the potential for its use as method of communication for my school. Initially, an account was created for the school, and although this is still a trial, applications and possibilities are positive. The school Twitter account has not been publicised, and Tweets posted are done so on the understanding that they may not be seen/ read by anyone at the moment. However, as the number of followers and interest grew, I decided to ask the Tweeters that decided to follow the school account if it should continue. Below are some responses gained from this survey:

@holmfirthhigh should we continue to Tweet?





The reason for the school Twitter account is to help parents, students and teachers informed and in touch with what is happening at our school. Daily the Tweets will be taken from the school bulletin, but recently on a school Skiing trip, the Twitter account was also used to help parents keep up to date with events that took place throughout the week trip in Italy. #SkiTrip2010

Other schools are also using Twitter to help keep thier community in touch. A good example is The Wellington Academy, that have also posted a Twiiter feed/ widget directly onto their school website.

A recent development in our school staff room (digital display screen), will also give scope for the school Twitter feed to be displayed inside the staff, to help keep staff informed of news and events which are published.

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CLICK HERE to help improve the current web filter imposed on our school internet.

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