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Full Function PC downloadable Professional Weather Station – (All in one remote sensor)

Features a fully functional weather forecaster that measures not only temperature and barometric pressure but also wind speed/direction, wind chill, humidity, rainfall and dew point temperature. It can then plot a bar graph showing the current and historical data for barometric pressure and rainfall for up to a period of 24 hrs. The weather station can then be connected to your PC via a USB connection and the latest weather data can be collected from the base station. The unit itself also features a radio controlled clock with alarm. It can also be set up to alert you to certain weather conditions when a certain criteria is met.


  • Rotary dial controls for easy console navigation
  • Includes five sensors for comprehensive weather information (UV sensor available for purchase separately)
  • Forecast the weather 12 to 24 hours in advance using graphical icons
  • Displays temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, rainfall, dew point, windchill, and heat index data
  • Bar graph shows 24-hour history of barometric, UV Index, and rainfall data
  • Automatically sets itself to the radio controlled time signal for Daylight Saving Time; includes alarm
  • Wind sensor provides information on wind speed, gust, and direction
  • Includes PC software CD to store and view weather data on your PC; USB connection to PC
  • Moon phase icon helps gauge moonlight and tides for outdoor activities
  • Displays three levels of temperature and humidity trends: Rising, Steady, or Falling
  • Wireless sensors transmit data from up to 300 feet from main unit
  • Minimum/maximum temperature and humidity memory with time/date stamp
  • HiGlo?electroluminescent backlight
  • Customizable weather alarms
  • Altitude adjustment for barometric pressure
  • Minimum System Requirements: Windows 32-bit operating system


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