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Home Access Information for Schools and Parents.

January 13th, 2010

Home Access how does it work?

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Home Access provides grants to low income families to buy computer and/or internet packages so they can learn safely, have fun and

achievemore at school. Following the successful pilot, the Home Access programme is now available nationally across England.

One of the key innovations of the Home Access programme is the move away from a centralised procurement of computers to a model where families have a choice of equipment and suppliers. Under the scheme, low-income families who meet set eligibility criteria can apply for a Home Access Grant to buy a computer and internet package from a range of approved suppliers.

The Home Access packages provided have been designed with a family’s needs in mind. They include one year’s service and support, pre-set parental controls to filter inappropriate content, installed office productivity suite, firewall and an anti-virus package. They also include the award winning e-safety guide Know IT All for Parents, enhanced warranty and reinstatement service in the event of theft, and technical and educational guidance delivered with every package.

All computers come with a dedicated Home Access website set as the home page to help ensure families realise the benefits of Home Access. These Home Access packages will be available for purchase by all.

Below are a collection of BECTA information sources to help get the information to the correct families.

The process can be started by the potential applicant calling 0333 200 1004

Information Sheets

Application process diagram
Background to Home Access leaflet
Intro to Home Access general leaflet
Assistive Technology leaflet
E-safety leaflet
Intro to Home Access for schools leaflet


Home Access presentation for schools.


Partner poster
School poster

Free laptops and broadband for 270,000 families : DCSF Press Release

January 12th, 2010

Home AccessThe DCSF have released details of the Home Access scheme.  Application forms are now available for eligible families.

Information for Parents can be found here

Press Release

  • Research shows pupils could improve by two grades at GCSE with a computer at home
  • Unemployed parents say having the internet has helped them apply for jobs and get better skills

The Prime Minister and Ed Balls will today announce the national roll out of a ground-breaking scheme to give 270,000 low income families a free computer and free broadband access, under a major drive to close the digital and educational divide between rich and poor and help keep parents in touch with their child’s progress.

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Litter Busting.

January 1st, 2010

In November 2009 North Lincolnshire Council launched Litter Busters a litter education activity pack aimed at children aged 5 to 11 years.

A North Lincolnshire Council Education and Communications Officer has been visiting schools delivering the pack to children.  The pack educates children on what litter is and why it is bad.  And how it can damage the environment posing risks to people and animals, spreading germs and making areas scruffy.  The activity includes a litter pick and survey of the school grounds or a nearby area.

So far the litter busting teams of children have helped to clear litter from areas in and around, Althorpe and Keadby Primary School, Bottesford Infants School, Brumby Junior School, Priory Lane Junior School, Enderby Road Infants School, Grange Lane Junior School and Bowmandale Primary School.

Most recently Crowle Primary School’s eco team, completed the litter busters activity pack and cleaned the park next to their school, collecting 323 pieces of litter, which included » Read more: Litter Busting.