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Cybermentors – help beat bullying…

October 21st, 2011

CyberMentors is all about young people helping and supporting each other online.


If you’re being bullied, or are feeling a bit low, or are maybe troubled by something and you’re not sure what to do or who to talk to, then CyberMentors is where you can go for help. It doesn’t matter how big or small you think the problem is, or whether you’re being targeted online or offline, CyberMentors are here to listen and support you.


The best thing about it is that CyberMentors are young people too. It’s never easy talking about bullying, and many young people have told us that they would prefer to speak to another young person if they could. That’s why CyberMentors are young people like you, who have been trained and are volunteering their time online to help you. It’s still important however, that you talk to your parents or teachers if you can.


If you want to talk about a problem you’ve got with bullying, just drop a CyberMentor a message (click on CyberMentors Online), or talk to them in the chat room. The site is secure, and you can keep all your chats private, but there are also counsellors available for anything really serious.


If your school has been involved in the CyberMentors training, then there will also be CyberMentors available to talk to you face-to-face if you’d prefer.


If you’re still not sure, or want to find out more about CyberMentors, including how to get involved, simply send a message to georgia@beatbullying