Easter egg rolling!

The inaugural hard-boiled egg roll was a highlight of the Easter preparation at Kirk this week. Winners were the  egg-cellent Timmy (pictures in a fine ten-pin bowling stance) and Joe G.

Thanks to Sally Newman for organising a fantastic spread of cakes and raising money on behalf of FOKHS.

Also thanks to Paul Kirkwood for these terrific photos of the event – if you missed it then you certainly missed out!

IMG_4769 IMG_4764

East Barnby – Climbing up!

Today, we went to a quarry near Kirkbymoorside to learn how to do outdoor climbing. Before we went, we had to get a harness, a hemlet and help our instructors to carry the ropes and food for our day out. Forty minutes later, our two minibuses arrived at the quarry. The weather was very windy on the roads and moors but because we were low down in the quarry, we were sheltered from it.
We were abseiling down cliffs and climbing up them. In our groups of four, we had one person climbing, a person billeting (letting the rope go through the caribena) and two back-up rope-holding people. We learned to tie two special knots: the Italian hitch and the figure of eight knots – but always got them checked by our instructors before setting off.
Lots of people met their challenges and exceeded expectations by giving the different climbs a try. Now it’s tea time (chicken curry – yum! – Emily and Lily can have extra starters!) before our last evening activity. This time tomorrow we’ll be home!

By Jess, Emily and Lily

EAST BARNBY – Newsflash

Mr Cooper and Miss Robson arrived to a bunch of tired but high-spirited children fresh from a windy day of canoeing into Whitby harbour. All the beds were made, wet clothes in the drying room and organised ready for the next activity tomorrow (climbing). After our lovely dinner of roast pork, mash, veg and jelly with Arctic roll, the children are regrouping ready for our evening activity – the talent night! Our campfire has been postponed until the wind drops a little but everyone is in a great mood.

Mr Mason will be here very soon and we look forward to the rest of the week being as much fun as the first three days.

Indian dancing – Class 1

Class 1 had lots of fun learning some Indian dance moves with Mrs Hampshire today. Ask your child if they can remember the praying position, “squeezing the lemon”, “washing the windows” and the heart dance moves!indian dance 2 indian dance 1

Reading and writing

Reading and writing: these good old-fashioned pillars of education (‘rithmetic to come next week…) gave pupils some lovely experiences this week.

World Book Day

Like many schools around the country, we celebrated World Book Day; this year with a book swap. Each child brought in a loved but swappable book and got the chance to share their favourite books with the rest of the school in a special assembly.

Governor penpals:

Children in Key Stage 2 all received a letter from one of the governing body introducing themselves and explaining a little about the role of governing body in running the school. Their replies are being drafted ready to send back soon…

letters 1DSC00885 letters 2 w book day 1 letters 3

Hammerton banner – Radio York

Recording on Youtube:  http://youtu.be/AJ_TAPbURkA

Have you seen it yet? Our fantastic banner at Hammmerton station was reported on by Radio York on Tuesday and broadcast this morning. Adam Tomlinson from the Breakfast Show came down to interview Emily, Jess, Seb and Isabel about their part in creating the banner. He also followed up on the money we raised from sales of Fairytale of Yorkshire over Christmas; it was thanks to Adam that we had a decent recording for the CDs we sold in aid of Martin House.

hammerton banner 4hammerton banner 2 hammerton banner

Gardening/jobs day

A huge thanks to all the parents and staff who came in over half term to rip out shelves, paint, clear out cupboards and put up noticeboards. Along with the new carpets and entrance hall decoration there is a real fresh feeling throughout the school. So,if you haven’t already, then do come and have a look at some of the fantastic improvements throughout the school.


Caption competitionsGard day Gardne day 2

New basketball posts

Thanks to Friends Of Kirk Hammerton School for the fantastic basketball/netball posts. We finally had nice enough weather to use them this playtime and a real buzz of excitement broke out. “We can actually reach these posts!”Basketball basketball2

Dee Spice

We had a fantastic visit today from Mrs Deidree Morrow, owner of Dee Spice www.deespice.com foods. Throughout the day, she taught the whole school in small workshops about Sri Lanka (where she was born), spices, vegetables and how cooking can bring families together. The children asked lots of questions and were very keen to try the Sri Lankan dhal curry flavoured with cardamom and turmeric.IMG_0915 IMG_0912 IMG_0824IMG_0881

Frosty writing

The cold weather and frost was a photographical treat as Mr Cooper arrived at school this morning. The children made the most of it and wrote in the frost on the bench at morning playtime:IMG_0818 IMG_0816 IMG_0813IMG_0801 IMG_0790 IMG_0788